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90-minute driving lesson $150

120-minute driving lesson $200

The lesson is conducted on a Hyundai Kona with an automatic transmission equipped with a double brake. The instructor will start your training at any level of your skills and bring you up to government requirements and standards, prepare you for the VORT test and accompany you until you receive your driver's license. Throughout the training, the instructor will help you track your progress and develop safe driving skills.




60-minute NIGHT driving lesson $120

The instructor can provide NIGHT driving lesson for your Logbook, should this be asked by the student.




Combo: Pre-VORT lesson + VORT

60-minute training + VORT $470

90-minute training + VORT $520

One-Day Intensive Course, 3 hour training + VORT $670

The training includes the practice of 5 slow speed maneuvers and general driving just before an assessment. The lesson and VORT is carried out on the instructor's car.




75-hour Logbook Course + VORT Training + VORT $8,200

The course covers 75 hours of general driving, including 60 hours day driving and 15 hours night driving. This course builds skills and train students 5 maneuvers required for VORT. All lessons conducted in the instructor's car, including VORT.



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