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P-Quick Driving School in Adelaide

Our driving program in P-Quick Driving School was designed to assist our students in learning the facts and obtaining the skills necessary to pass the driving test successfully.

Organised as a step-by-step process, our driving lesson plan focused on the following:

  • Teaching students as quickly and thoroughly as possible in a practical manner so they can get their licenses fast;
  • Offering students the flexibility they need to work lessons into their busy lives on the roads of Adelaide;
  • Providing students with the encouragement, they need to learn and achieve better results;
  • Ensuring that driving school students understand how to remain safe driving a car;
  • We are building up student confidence through careful training and professional guidance.

Driving is a challenging activity. Incorrect or unsafe driving puts your own life and the lives of others in danger. In our driving school, we understand this very well.

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Driving School Adelaide

Business profile

Business Profile

P-Quick driving school serves the City, Northern, North-Eastern, Eastern and South-Eastern suburbs of Adelaide.

Our school operates in a friendly and comfortable training environment. We maintain patient and calm atmosphere during the lesson. We understand the needs of our students and we ensure they enjoy the lessons and successfully obtain their driving license.

Intensive and result oriented training provided by female instructor Anna who is Government Accredited and Authorised Motor Driving Instructor. Anna’s driving instructor experience includes years with the Government transport company, where she trained Public Transport operators.

Our school will deliver lessons to help you to become a competent driver and learn safe driving skills from A to Z. Our training will help you to successfully pass Vehicle On Road Test (VORT) or Overseas License Conversion.

In cooperation with the Authorised Examiners, we will book your Vehicle On Road Test (VORT) and will support you to successfully accomplish Government requirements of this test.

Our mission is to train you in a way that you become a competent, safe and responsible driver.



Driving lesson structure and length tailored to your specific requirements that help you learn driving skills


Taking structured lesson packages automatically comes with a pass guarantee and after all the requirements are met


Package lessons are always cheaper than individual lessons of any length